Why NOW?

Micro lenders make very small uncollateralized loans to informal sector businesses, usually created by women who have no other access to employment or to business financing of any kind.

Micro loans are not sufficiently profitable to induce traditional commercial lenders into the industry, leaving this segment of the market unserved save by micro credit lenders.

Micro lenders are not all alike. The most effective lenders:

  • are non-profit entities
  • lend predominantly to women
  • use a group lending model
  • offer related services to their borrowers
  • charge market-based interest rates
  • support only business, not consumer, lending
  • have a very low default rate and
  • maintain complete performance data
 why now
 why now

Micro Credit NOW

Assists donors and grantors --

provides information to identify quality lenders and provides assistance to the donor/grantor to make and administer grants for the creation of community based lending.

provides a platform for donors to connect to the many quality micro lenders who are providing financial services to the world’s poorest women.

Supports high quality lenders --

assists small independent micro lenders by providing expert analysis to document and demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs and improving their ability to attract loan capital.

provides these lenders a US-based charity to receive and process donations.

promotes these lenders by publicizing their accomplishments.