Why Micro Credit?

Imagine your family could only afford to eat one meal a day. Imagine that school fees were out of reach for your son and out of the question for your daughter. Imagine knowing the water your children drink is suspect and having no money to buy life saving medicine if they get sick. Imagine knowing you could change all that by earning just a few extra pennies per day.
What would you do? What would any woman do? She’d find something she could make or sell or some service she could provide, and she’d work hard every day to improve her family’s living conditions.
It takes money to make money. In this not-so-imaginary world, parents and relatives can’t provide financial help, and village money lenders are no better than gangsters. That’s when a micro loan from a reputable microfinance lender can be a lifeline for a woman working her way up from dire poverty.
Micro loans are used for business improvements. A micro loan can allow an entrepreneur to purchase big ticket capital items to use in her business, such as a refrigerator for drinks at a convenience store, a hair dryer for a beautician, a bicycle or a wheelbarrow for deliveries, a karaoke machine at a small restaurant, a sewing machine for a tailoring business, a generator, or a cell phone that can be used by neighbors for a fee. Or, a micro entrepreneur might use her loan to acquire livestock, or to purchase raw materials in bulk (at lower prices), allowing her to take advance orders or build an inventory. It can allow her to put up a sign and attract new business or pay for rent and utilities for a market stall.

  Why Micro Credit NOW?

You get the picture – micro business is just like big business. Business financing, made available on fair terms, can make the difference between barely breaking even and achieving a profit. To put it in concrete terms, for a poor woman, it can make the difference between one meal a day and two for her children.

A micro credit loan will give a small business woman the means to achieve a greater return on her hard work.